A twelve year-old boy deals with the conflict between the innocence of childhood and the tribulations of growing up.

A wonderful short film by Nicholas Payne Santos, director of previously featured short Ice Cream, and written by Nicholas and Heather Newberger, that revolves around the life of a 12 year old boy. Kiddo was filmed as a thesis film at Ithaca College, where Nicholas studied Cinema & Photography. The film was based on his own confusing transition between childhood and teenage years.

Beautiful and simple cinematography bring out the reality of this story, where it seems to place us right back into our awkward  early teenage years, and if not yours, at least in to the kiddo’s shoes. The boy played by Jackson Quinn Gray conveys perfectly Matty’s (Kiddo) sense of confusion and loneliness, a gem young actor that Nicholas seems to have attached to since he has also starred in his film Things I Don’t Remember.

The film also runs on an equally soothing score created by Just Talk, with music by The CommonWealth.

You can see clips of Kiddo in Film Shortage’s This Is Who We Are Trailer.

Nicholas also has a new film playing at film festivals all over the world now, you can see the trailer of the short Worlds We Created right here on Film Shortage.

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