Good Luck (in Farsi) // Daily Short Picks

Good Luck (in Farsi)

A short film written by Neil Labute and starring Elizabeth Masucci & Gia Crovatin, is a dark comedy about two women vying for the same role on a TV show

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Open House // Daily Short Picks

Open House

A dark comedy about a woman who visits her husband’s lover at her job. The unexpected visit takes a surprise turn involving a knife and lingerie.

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Deer Season // Daily Short Picks

Deer Season

Two estranged old friends reconnect on an awkward deer hunting trip, only to return with a dark secret.

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Solo Contigo // Daily Short Picks

Solo, Contigo

A woman discovers a dark secret from the love of her life. Director’s Statement Solo, Contigo came naturally from a painful separation in my life and how I interpreted those events. I felt the absurdity of what it meant to “break up” with someone. The complications of leaving anyone that[…]

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Here Come // Daily Short Picks

Here Come – Crøm-Lus

The video is a music clip entirely made in clay animation (stop motion) by Milan based artist Gaia Alari, in collaboration with London based artist and musician Crøm-Lus (Poppy Edwards , The clip is an auto produced, low budget experimental artistic animation, that aims to visually represent a journey[…]

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Dreamland // Daily short Picks


A man becomes entwined in a battle between light and dark. A dance performance by Paul Vickers, based on a poem by Lewis Carroll.

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Snapped // Daily Short Pick


A video call becomes unexpectedly dark as the cyber lives of two teens collide with the real world. Director’s Statement When it comes to online interaction, there’s a scary amount of anonymity. A dangerous lack of context. We don’t think about it much, but online communication reduces your visibility to[…]

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The Dark Resurgence // Daily Short Picks

The Dark Resurgence: A Star Wars Story

When the Galactic Empire falls, an old Sith Empire emerges from the shadows and appoints Lord Vycus to lead an outer-rim coalition against the rebellion. When Lord Vycus’ coalition is defeated, he escapes to a distant world awaiting reinforcements from the Dark Council. Instead of sending reinforcements, the Dark Council[…]

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Jessica // Short Film Trailer


A young man targeted by bullies meets a mysterious outgoing girl. Soon after a series of dark deeds occur seemly connected to her presence

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Marian // Daily Short Picks


There’s a haunting in the house. However, things are not what they seem. Marian soon finds out that the horror inside the house is more familiar than she thinks. Director’s Notes Marian is based on a 2 sentence horror story that I read online that scared the living daylights out[…]

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