The Sandman // Daily Short Picks

The Sandman

A dream salesman, distressed by his erratic dream-writing boss, conspires to write his own dreams. But his subconscious unleashes a dark side that’s been simmering just beneath the surface.

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Anything for You, Abby // Daily Short Picks

Anything For You, Abby

Abby’s dream date won’t stop masturbating. It’s a problem. Director’s Statement Tim Berners-Lee created the internet to facilitate the exchange of scientific research between intellectuals. Within a decade, humans proceeded to use 80% of its bandwidth for porn, because of course we did. For all our scientists’ lofty ambitions, Anything[…]

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92Mars // Featured Short


Ever since Arora was a kid she wanted to become an astronaut. She worked hard and did everything she thought will get her closer to her dream, including letting go of her loved ones. As she fulfilled her goals, she realized that every step she took, also prepared her to[…]

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Simply Play Cricket // Daily Short Picks

Simply Play Cricket

“Simply Play Cricket” is a short film about an adult who struggles to step out of his comfort zone to achieve his unrealized dream of playing cricket. Simply Play Cricket The seed of the idea for “Simply Play Cricket” originally came from my own life. I have put away many[…]

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Baraa // Daily Short Picks


When the long-awaited dream dies, the reality begins to circle around us and encage us in the claustrophobic space of our fears and distorting anxiety. Director’s Statement “Baraa” is my first year film, produced at Royal College of Art, where I am currently doing my Master’s Degree in Animation in[…]

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Sofia // Daily Short Picks


On his deathbed, an elderly man has a dream where he wanders through the memories that marked his life. Director’s Statement Sofia is my thesis project from film school, and the first narrative film I directed. While developing the project, I was preoccupied with the ways in which cinema could[…]

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Not(e) for a Dreamer // Featured Short Film

Not(e) for a Dreamer

Changing of seasons reflect the transition from childhood into adulthood. Anaïs voices her feelings with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. Anaïs is fully aware that things are changing, though not entirely sure to what extent. Each season represents a specific time in one’s life: spring full of the carelessness[…]

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A Designer's Dream // Daily Short Picks

A Designer’s Dream

The main subject deals with the reflection of how to create ideas and find inspiration for creative people. In a world with daily software updates and tight project deadlines the actual creative aspect is sometimes missing out. Director’s Notes A DESIGNER’S DREAM is my MA graduation project at the HS[…]

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Dream Boy // Daily Short Picks

Dream Boy

Dream Boy is a short film about a girl, Cecelia, who’s daily life is interrupted with nightly abductions by the man on the dark side of the Moon. Cecelia keeps waking up confused and out of sorts, slowly growing more and more withdrawn from life. But while the Moon Man’s[…]

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Don’t Miss These Short Films at Sundance 2018

Don’t Miss These Short Films at Sundance 2018

The Sundance Film Festival is a significant event in the film world’s calendar, and getting a coveted spot on the program is any burgeoning director’s dream come true. Founded in Utah in 1978 as the U.S. Film Festival, it has grown and developed over the years into the media frenzy[…]

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