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He Will Come For You

A Vivid Dream / A Living Nightmare. One Young Man’s night of dread & surreal terror. ‘He Will Come For You’ is a micro-budget 6-minute student Suspense/Horror film from the young aspiring filmmakers in Dead Monkey Productions & serves as their debut. Shot in Cape Town, South Africa. It uses[…]

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When terrorists unleash a virus in the U.S., the government must save a man who may hold the key to a cure. With no stock footage and a $5,000 budget, Plasma aims to create the scope and scale of a blockbuster movie with only a fraction of the resources.

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The Answers | Featured Short Film

The Answers

Upon his death, a man is given the answers to all the questions about his life he’s ever had — and some he never asked. This film starts where all others usually end. A man wakes up in the afterlife – alone in a pure white nowhere – faced with[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Fell


A unique & exciting British sci-fi short, with a stellar cast & award winning crew. Fell is a film with both brain & heart. Fell is an exciting British sci-fi short film from award-winning Director Fern Berresford and Co-Director Russell Warren. Created over three years, the film has received support[…]

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The Concrete River

Shot on an extremely minuscule budget in Los Angeles, The Concrete River follows a mysterious hacker that finds a serial killer who has been targeting women, instead of turning over the evidence he takes matters into his own hands.

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5 Tips To Market Your Short

5 Tips to Market Your Short

by Branden Stewart You’ve just worked an uncountable number of hours on a project. You slaved over the story, negotiated the contracts, man handled the schedules, and finessed the edit. Now, you want to get your project seen. But how? In today’s digital world, there is content blooming everywhere. A[…]

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Son | Featured Short Film


​ A sheltered kid cons his way into a sick day. Left alone for the first time, he stumbles upon a sinister family secret. As kids we always hoped to find secret compartments and doors hidden in our parent’s house, but did we ever think of what might be inside?[…]

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Halloween Week | House Inherit

House Inherited

A young couple inherits a run-down farmhouse with some serious baggage. The whole production of this horror short film was done pretty guerilla style and super-low budget in just a single weekend as part of the first annual Austin 48-Hour Film Horror Project. We shot it out in Boerne, TX[…]

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Intrusion | Featured Short Film


A first person/found footage suspense, delving into the happenings of a home invasion. Before watching make sure to go check all your locks first. ‘Intrusion’ is simple, cheap and has almost no cinematic aesthetic, but it certainly holds all the elements to create epically realistic suspense flick – where the[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Collider


A sci-fi feature film that tests the world of time travel. What would you change if you could go back in time and change something about your past? With this question, we came up with the premise for Collider. Time travel is something that has been theorized for more than[…]

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