When Grace is “ghosted” at the same time she is recovering from an injury, she drives herself mad waiting for his call

Through a seamless combination of live action, animation and design, “Ghosted” explores the gray areas and unfamiliar territories of dating in a fresh, raw, and modern way. Written and directed by Morgan Gruer, who is a connaisseur at creating epic hand-drawn animations, brings us a new mixed-media wonder that explores the relationship between physical and mental pain, as Grace learns how to heal on both fronts. When Grace (Ariel Mortman) is “ghosted” at the same time as recovering from an injury, she drives herself mad waiting for a call. A lack of physical movement can create a hyperactive mind, heightening the smallest of issues exponentially. When Nick (played by Adam Budron) stops answering Grace’s calls, she is forced to confront her reality in her sedentary state.

Ghosted was created as a response to an experience I had when I was ghosted while recovering from an injury. This man’s sudden disappearance led me down a path of overthinking that escalated as the months dragged slowly on. The longer my body was sedentary, the more hyperactive my mind became. Ghosted expands on this, as Grace’s circumstances slowly test her sanity and well-being.

 We didn’t want to portray Grace as a saint and Nick as a villain. Despite Grace’s affliction over being ignored, she subsequently does the same thing to the people in her life who care about her. After all, life is not black and white; people are not just good or bad. I am more interested in exploring the in-between moments – the grey zone – that makes us human.

 Ghosted aims to hold up a mirror to modern dating. In the hopes that the next time we are faced in a similar situation, we may learn from our past.

The Colorful Ghosted Gray Area

Morgan’s “gray area” is more of a colourful pastel delight, magnified by Ariel Mortman adoring allure. Which makes the premise and breakdown of the film so much more vivid. The animated work around the digital feedback is a refreshing take. From what has otherwise become a dull and unsatisfying experience in most films these days. A visual balance that keeps us grounded in Grace’s space. But then she loses ground, and we get immersed into this full animated sequence out of nowhere. It gradually takes over our sanity through a delightful destruction.

Ghosted was a mixed-media project, filmed in 5 different formats – Alexa, 8mm, Mini DV, Canon 5D, and iPhone, all tied together with hand-crafted animation. What initially began as a solution for budget constraints became a tool for us. To visually distinguish Grace’s stark reality from her hazy, often distorted memories.