It was shot intermittently around 2019 in Barcelona. For its creation different super 8 cameras and reversible/negative films have been used.

As well as 16mm, Hi8 video, iphone and digital kinetoscope with different glitch art methods; as well as a couple of mixers for CRT modified through circuit bending by Glitch Video Devices, Portland OR (cheers Drew!)

Director’s Statement

As a director I was in a somewhat dark time of my life at the beginning of the year, but at the same time, very creative. I wanted to make a dark story but also quite enigmatic and melancholic. I was also revising a lot of films by masters like Michael Haneke and David Lynch. Playing with the shattered texture of Lo-Fi and the nostalgia of real super 8 has been a very fun decision. Precisely because there is a creative percentage that has been completely random due to the imperfection of these ancient systems. Antarctica Apartment’s cinematic techno was very useful for me to swim in that dreamlike but raw terrain at the same time.