Sick Minded // Short Film Trailer

Sick Minded

Special agent Martinez investigates a string of missing girls in south Florida, but when one of the victims is the Ambassador’s daughter, the pressure rises in finding the kidnapper before it’s too late.

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The Name That Separates // Featured Short Film

The Name That Separates

Leah finds herself at the center of an investigation after she becomes the only known survivor to encounter a mysterious being. This Sci-fi short film takes place in the future where there have been strange occurrences involving a specific supernatural being. ‘The Watchers’, a private investigating team hired by the[…]

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Two Birds || Daily Short Picks

Two Birds

Flynn investigates a noise in her cellar and makes a terrifying discovery that forces her to question the nature of her relationship with her girlfriend, Eve. Director’s Statement I have been wanting to shoot a short horror film in the cellar of our house for quite some time now. The[…]

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After Sophie || Daily Short Picks

After Sophie

A documentary filmmaker investigates the troubling suicide of a teenager. What she discovers is not what she expected.

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Remnants || Daily Short Picks


Remnants follows two homicide detectives and a medical examiner investigating the worst crime scene in a suburban neighborhood’s history. Among the remains of a butchered family, the detectives find evidence of a crime so horrific that remnants of an unspeakable evil still lurk in the home. Filmmaker David Ugarte is[…]

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The Man Who Knew Too Little || Daily Short Picks

The Man Who Knew Too Little

A detective is hired by a woman to investigate her husband who she believes is being blackmailed. During the investigations, a businessman and well-known contributor to the city of Esmeralda is kidnapped.

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Two detectives investigate the scene of a suicide. Looks like an open and shut case…but looks can be deceiving.

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Palm Rot | Featured Short Film

Palm Rot

Investigating a mysterious explosion in the Florida Everglades, a crop-duster named Bill discovers a lone crate that survived the wreckage. Curiosity gets the better of him and he pulls the crate unto his airboat. That’s just the first in a series of decisions he learns to regret. Ryan Gillis takes[…]

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Interview With Chloe Bellande

Interview With Will of Fortune’s Chloë Bellande

by Taylor Holmes I’m still a little new around these parts, but I’ve been a reader for a while now – and what I’ve enjoyed most about the Film Shortage has been the great movies that we get to rub shoulders with each week. Well today, I have an interview[…]

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A foolhardy security guard has the night from Hell when his curiosity sends him investigating what goes on… Downstairs.

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