Flynn investigates a noise in her cellar and makes a terrifying discovery that forces her to question the nature of her relationship with her girlfriend, Eve.

Director’s Statement

I have been wanting to shoot a short horror film in the cellar of our house for quite some time now. The dark brick walls, low ceilings, and antiquated cupboards provide the perfect atmosphere for a suspenseful scene. One evening a few months ago, I heard a very loud scraping sound coming from underneath the floorboards. In my nervous state, I decided to put headphones on, and instead of investigating the source of the sound (turned out to be a big, white, Moby Dick of a rat) I wrote a script about a woman who does exactly the opposite.

My favorite horror films have subtext woven in that can be interpreted as a metaphor for the terrors experienced by the unlucky protagonists. I tried to do the same with this film. Specifically, with the theme of domestic abuse.

This was a scrappy little film put together with a tiny, local LA cast and crew, with basically no budget. My comfort zone with directing typically lies in the dark-comedy genre, so this was a very educational and challenging process for me. Overall I’m happy with the outcome, and I hope it scares you!