Leah finds herself at the center of an investigation after she becomes the only known survivor to encounter a mysterious being.

This Sci-fi short film takes place in the future where there have been strange occurrences involving a specific supernatural being. ‘The Watchers’, a private investigating team hired by the CIA, are sent to discover clues and whereabouts of the being.

The Watchers meet a woman, Leah, the only known survivor of an encounter, as far as we know, recalls the scuffle she had with the mysterious being. In order to make sense of the tragic events in her life, questions begin to rise as to why she was chosen by the supernatural entity and how was she able to survive. This marks the first entry of “The Witnesses” series.

The campaign for my film ‘Among the Elect’ became a complete failure since we didn’t make our financial goal. The day after the campaign ended, a non-profit company contacted me after seeing the campaign and long story short they decided to fund my next project. Though you would think I wanted to make the film I originally campaigned for, that didn’t become the case. Felt it was time to move on to something and had written a film entitled CASE 32 which ended up being ‘The Name that Separates’. This whole process has taught me to never give up on my dreams.

In ‘The Name of Separates’ we wanted to push the boundaries of conventional faith films and offer a new allegorical perspective on the biblical story of Jacob wrestling with the angel.

There is just so much to take in inside the short six minutes we are given. Despite a simple premise and following two simple scenes on two different timelines, director Matthew Rojas is able to create incredible tension through camera work and enthralling setting. In fact, the film is about one simple build up, with a brief and unexpected result which leaves you begging for more, but at the same time quite satisfying.