IFCC 2017 Maint Titles || Featured Short Film

IFCC 2017 Main Title

​A journey towards self discovery. Set in the distant future, the film follows an explorer on his metaphorical journey through all of the hardships one faces when trying to find his inner voice. While trying to figure out what we’ve been watching for the first few minutes (was it a[…]

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Eye For An Eye || Featured Short Film

Eye For An Eye

Once the party is over, Lilah and Echo decide to visit their once best friend, Claire, who just celebrated her birthday with her new boyfriend, Julian, to hand over a little present. Eye for an Eye is one of the 10 editorial fashion films commissioned by Vogue Italia and Fashion[…]

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Breaking The Triangle

Ellie Goulding challenged famous festival blagger Marcus Haney to break into her gig on a deserted island in Puerto Rico. He accepted and filmed the whole thing….

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Interview With Chloe Bellande

Interview With Will of Fortune’s Chloë Bellande

by Taylor Holmes I’m still a little new around these parts, but I’ve been a reader for a while now – and what I’ve enjoyed most about the Film Shortage has been the great movies that we get to rub shoulders with each week. Well today, I have an interview[…]

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The Bravest, The Boldest | Crowdfunding We Dig

The Bravest, The Boldest

Help launch award-winning short THE BRAVEST, THE BOLDEST on its 2015 overseas festival tour & prepare it for 2016 Oscar Qualification. Set inside a New York City housing project, The Bravest, the Boldest is a short film that follows a young mother as she attempts to evade two Army Notification[…]

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How Short Should Your Short Film Be?

How Short Should a Short Be?

We get asked and ask ourselves quite often, ‘what defines the length of a short film?’. In reality there is no standard length, and probably our strongest point of reference is basing ourselves on the Academy Awards submission standards, where a film running under 40 minutes falls under the short[…]

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Surveyor | Featured Short Film


1848. A government agent surveyor attempts to return home after surveying land on the western frontier As a 25 minute film, Surveyor might sound like it was conceived as a festival short, but its first submission was actually for Ridley Scott’s YouTube short film contest. After making the first cut,[…]

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Hatch is a moving and heartfelt portrayal of a newborn’s destiny, as grown-ups come to terms with what they cannot have. It follows two couples and the wrenching decisions they each must make on a wintry Vienna night. Milo (Vedran Kos) and Biljana (Tina Keserovik), illegal immigrants seeking opportunity, must[…]

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Uma Thurman

Get a Chance to Direct Uma Thurman In Your Own Short Film

Young up-and-coming filmmakers always dream of being able to have access to a big movie star for their short film, and for the third straight year, Kevin Spacey and his production company Trigger Street Productions in association with Jameson Whiskey will bring this unique opportunity to three lucky filmmakers. Are[…]

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