​A journey towards self discovery. Set in the distant future, the film follows an explorer on his metaphorical journey through all of the hardships one faces when trying to find his inner voice.

While trying to figure out what we’ve been watching for the first few minutes (was it a trailer? Proof of concept? Title sequence for a feature?) IFCC 2017 completely mesmerized us and made us forget the initial questions. The film is in fact a title sequence for IFCC 2017 (Independant Festival of Creative Communications) mutated into short film on its own. You should already know how much we value the art of the opening titles, and this simply brings a new bread of title sequences that’s becoming increasingly popular – and we love it! This sequence is set in the distant future, the film follows an explorer on his metaphorical journey; from doubts, to overcoming obstacles, all the way to self discovery.

Last year we’ve worked on a personal project called Twitch: Loadout and that got us an opportunity to present this year at IFCC. But we wanted to test our collaboration even further and decided to pitch the idea of creating the title sequence for the event. After receiving the green light from the festival organizers we dove into creating the concept for the title sequence, and as the concept evolved we felt encouraged enough to try and produce the whole short film. The main purpose of the short, other than to announce the event and the speakers, was to test how far we, as a very small team, could push, in order to create a truly compelling story.

This impressively charged CG film has all the elements needed to make the creative community drool with its stagnant visual style and reputable character design. But where this film takes it all to the next level is in its exploration of concept and how it redefines our ideas of space and time travel.

Being that the film is full CG Animation, the team used a plethora of different software to achieve the final look. Their main production tools were 3ds Max with Octane Render, alongside with Adobe Suite.

Watching the whole process video is just as thrilling as the film