Tergo // Daily Short Picks


Tergo cleans. He cleans up after you and me. He picks up the mess we discard but yet remains invisible to all around him. Tergo’s a lost soul in the London urban machine. He’s ready to leave the life he leads behind. Tergo is the fifth short film from London[…]

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IFCC 2017 Maint Titles || Featured Short Film

IFCC 2017 Main Title

​A journey towards self discovery. Set in the distant future, the film follows an explorer on his metaphorical journey through all of the hardships one faces when trying to find his inner voice. While trying to figure out what we’ve been watching for the first few minutes (was it a[…]

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The Heart of Sky || Featured Short Film

The Heart of Sky

Taking inspiration from Mayan myth, a story about how lives might have been created on earth, in a science fiction style. The myths run deep in Jimmy Yuan’s imaginary depiction humanity’s first steps. Created entirely in CG mainly due to budgetary constraints, the film tells an impressive story in a[…]

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Teddy Floppy Ear | Daily Short Picks

Teddy floppy Ear (Uszatek)

Teddy Floppy-Ear, is a beloved Polish children’s character created in 1957 by writer Mieczysław Janczarski that spawned a series of books as well as TV stop motion series. This video is a “proof of concept short film”, created using real life miniatures and CG characters. The feature film version is[…]

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Breaking The Scene: Shield5

Breaking The Scene: Shield 5

Just recently we posted an article about how the new Instagram series Shield 5 has been making headlines and how the series can be opening to doors to the TV Series genre. Let’s skip ahead of all the success and focus on how one of our favorite episodes got made.[…]

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Retrofit is set in the near future, when death is just a new beginning for those who can afford it. Dylan, driven by his need for reconciliation, brings his father back from the dead, and houses him in a shabby utility robot ‘acquired’ from the black market. To make matters[…]

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NO-A | Featured Short Film


In his desperate attempt to save The woman who created him, No-A must face an unknown enemy force and fight to keep them both alive. The world is a desolate, unforgiving place in this action sci-fi with a surprising amount of heart. No-A is a CGI heavy short film built[…]

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Forest Lights

Alone in a petrified, long dead forest, a strange creature looks for a last spark of life… The film was inspired by the longing for spring and a research on simplicity of shape and color. I wrote it and directed and did all the CG myself. The amazing composer Steve[…]

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