Influenced by surroundings and experiences while growing up, this film is a recollection of a distant memory. One that many of us would try our hardest to forget

You just need to look at The Art of The Short Title to realize that title sequences can be mesmerizing pieces of work. And often can be considered as short films themselves. Director Sava Zivkovic knows this fully well and has already wowed us with his title film IFCC 2017. Let’s not forget about his short films Freight and Bounty Hunt (A Star Wars Fan Film) as well. Playgrounds is the Main Title intro for Playgrounds The Art Department Berlin conference and fest on concept art and design in film, animation and games.

The film’s main purpose is to act as a festival opener for Berlin edition of Playgrounds – The Art Department. I was always drawn to a short film format for my title sequences, and I’ve always looked at art festivals sort of as film festivals in their on right, ones where I can be free to create with full autonomy. This year, the organizers went one step further and created a platform where filmmakers can tell stories with heavier subject matter, and I’m incredibly happy I was able to contribute by bringing some more mature content to the art festival world.

Playgrounds was originally conceived as a standalone short film titled “NAT” in 2018. Production was unfortunately halted due to a busy work schedule. It was only when Enter Playgrounds – The Art Department came along that Sava found the perfect opportunity to make this project a reality. With his film complete, Sava was also appreciative of the opportunity given by the Playground organization: Which creates a platform where the titles for events could be taken into a more mature and even personal realm.