Taking inspiration from Mayan myth, a story about how lives might have been created on earth, in a science fiction style.

The myths run deep in Jimmy Yuan’s imaginary depiction humanity’s first steps. Created entirely in CG mainly due to budgetary constraints, the film tells an impressive story in a tightly wounded 2 minutes. Certainly a visual marvel that will make you ponder.

I’m always a big fan of Sci-fi genre films and literacy, and I am obsessed to ancient myths, cultures and histories of different origins. There are varieties of theory about the existing of mankind, the theory of evolution, the theory of gods created man, and even the least appealing “alien garbage theory”.

In my mind, I always believe there are some kind of connections between science and gods.

In an occasion, I came across this book named ‘Popol vuh’, it is a corpus of mytho-historical narrative created in post Classic K’iche’ kingdom, which is also considered as Mayan bible. The book talks about how Mayan gods created mankind, and how mankind worship their gods. I have taken inspirations from the small stories to design the characters, and used my imagination to fill in the gaps of where the gods came from and why they wanted to create the mankind, and then came out with the short film.