A woman is chased through a dark woods by a bloodthirsty monster. Cornered and helpless, her life may just depend on the most unlikely of heroes…

Director’s Vision for ‘The Beast’

This film was made as sort of a hybrid between a proper short and a spec commercial. The goal was to produce a film that — despite being micro budget — would look and feel like a big budget, honest-to-goodness creature feature. One that would act as fun piece of entertainment, while also serving as an homage to the old Universal monster movies I grew up on.

It proved to be quite the challenge, especially since there wasn’t enough money to film real locations or construct any sets. As a way around these limitations, the choice was made to go the ’Sin City’ rout and just do everything on green screen. This way, every last detail would be controlled, we could build a world without limits, and maintain a consistent visual style.