This was the hottest month the planet has ever seen. Fernweh is committed to creating more awareness in our industry about the effects of climate change. So we set out to create a piece of content that would bring our studio values of Love, Beauty, Play, and Regeneration to life. And we were blown away by the magic that was possible when we let those values truly guide our work. Collaborating with incredible people, and allowing each and every one of them to shape this video in a way that we could have never hoped for, highlighting the power of collaboration instead of creating from ego.

Our intention was to draw more attention to a critical topic, by focusing on love instead of fear and drawing analogies between the care we give ourselves and each other and the planet. This video encapsulates our studio’s way of working, as we showcase the highest quality in production value and level of attention to detail we put into every project we take on, with love at the center of it all. Love for our team, each other, the work itself, and love for our planet. Using beauty as a means to connect with our audience on a deeper emotional level, instead of lecturing or selling ideas to people in manipulative ways we have gotten used to in advertising over the last decades.