Passion, Peril, and Dance Unveiled in Bianca Poletti‘s Latest Music Video “Lista”, Featuring True Detective Star John Hawkes

Los Angeles, CA – LA-based director Bianca Poletti invites audiences on a captivating journey of love and self-destruction in her latest music video, “Lista”, a collaboration with Cuban-American actress and singer-songwriter Nikki Lorenzo. The visually stunning video intricately explores the complex dynamics of a couple ensnared in toxicity, expertly navigating the delicate balance between passion and peril.

“Lista” reunites Nikki Lorenzo and True Detective star John Hawkes on screen, marking their third collaboration. In this latest venture, Lorenzo and Hawkes engage in a chaotic dance of emotions, portraying a couple desperately yearning to be together. Despite their fervent desire, they find themselves repeatedly drawn back, navigating the intricate maze of lust, love, desperation, sorrow, bliss, and jealousy.

Director Bianca Poletti, recently featured on Film Shortage her latest short film, “Ultra Low,” describes “Lista” as a narrative about two people passionately seeking each other but unable to make the relationship work. The video delves into the magnetic spark that accompanies meeting someone truly captivating. Poletti emphasises the poignant conclusion of the relationship, stating, “I wanted the end to feel like something they both didn’t want; they fought to stay together, but there was no other option for them.”

To bring this cinematic vision to life, Poletti collaborated with dancer and choreographer Matilda Sokomoto, expertly breaking down the film into three distinct dances that capture the essence of excitement, enduring connection, and the inevitable end of a relationship. The visual aesthetics of the music video were meticulously crafted by Director of Photography Kayla Hoff, a longtime collaborator with Poletti, including their award-winning short film, “I Am Whole.”

“Lista” stands as a visual and emotional journey that transcends the ordinary, showcasing the depth of storytelling and artistic collaboration. Poletti’s unique ability to weave intricate narratives with visual brilliance continues to captivate audiences, solidifying her status as a visionary director.