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Alan Smithee | Featured Short Film

Alan Smithee

While Alan is surrounded by what is thought to be the American ideal, he learns that sometimes all we are is lost in the woods.

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Each Time Again | Featured Short Film

Each Time Again

As boy discovers a machine that wipes the slate clean and doesn’t hesitate to use it ritually throughout his life.

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Happy Meal Horror | Featured Short Film

Happy Meal Horror

A robot cow searches for its mother in a slaughter house, while being chased by a killer robot.

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The Second Circle | Featured Short Film

The Second Circle

A man is cursed by his inner beast and finds himself struggling with his addiction to lust and his desire for love.

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Saving Norman | Featured Short Film

Saving Norman

A hypochondriac ex-ping pong player now lives a hermetic existence with his parrot Norman.

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Expo | Featured Short Film


A female astro-miner needs to cope with losing her daughter while on tour on a lunar mine and the isolation and responsibility as complications arise on the moon.

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The Ghosts - This Week's Featured Short

The Ghosts

A sheltered teenage girl’s life is turned on it’s head when a mysterious gang of greasers swarm into her sleepy suburb and she falls in love with their tough, handsome leader Frank

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Tribe - Featured Short Film


In this dystopian vision, a family tries to maintain its humanity while struggling to survive, but when a young stranger disrupts their routine, they each must ask themselves what that survival really means.

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