A man locked in a room faces inter-dimensional terror.

‘Thresher’ takes a look at the curiosity inside all of us and how far we will go to discover and then escape it. A brilliant little mastermind thriller by writer and director Mike Diva, shot for the Guillermo Del Toro & Legendary pictures “House of Horrors” competition. Mike throughly enjoyed working on this project and certainly brought in his inspirations in filming this in true Del Toro style.

The film takes us away and throws us in a chained up room, where along with the main character we face the nerves of finding the combination to a lock, without knowing what’s on the other side, and time is running out…

As the film slowly builds up it’s astonishing visual style and depth creates the tensions and somber environment while we wait to be enthralled by the stunning visual effects and unexpected twists. Enjoy the smooth movements of this eerie suspenseful film that will certainly have you dreaming tonight.