A daughter returns home to teach her family a lesson, but she ends up learning brutal lesson of her own.

‘Hush’ is a dark and chilling short film that supports itself through the tense moods and bewildering settings.

I had just completed my first narrative short film and really enjoyed the experience and was anxious to do another. I had a talented group of friends that all felt the same way so we came together and made Hush. I wanted to do a dark, very stylized film to show my range and understanding of all the elements, lighting, blocking, editing and sound. I am very proud of what we created.

Lighting is a tremendous factor in the film, creating the mortifying atmosphere adding to the already mystifying and blistering story. An immersive film experience is often complete with a suiting soundtrack, and although we often discourage filmmakers to only use one track across the film, Hush’s bone-chilling atmospheric track ties everything together in a seamless fashion.