Emily struggles with important life choice’s concerning money, hope, trust and fear.

‘Straight and Narrow’ is a one part love story, one part spy thriller that is wonderfully brought together through its emotional aspects. The two completely different takes on the film create a unique sensation that flows between a tender indie film and a thrilling spy film about network security.

The story follows Emily Moss, a young NYC Banker, tired of her day to day routine. She is in a relationship with boyfriend Colin, who is searching for a way to bring their life to the next level. He is on a roll with lecturing Emily and monologuing his way into her subconscious, as she is courted by an cyber/ hacker organization offering her quick, untraceable funds in trade for her employers server logins and passwords. Emily struggles with these important life choices concerning money, trust, fear and success.

The entire film was conceived, produced and shot in January of 2014, in NYC, where I was commissioned to design a surveillance scene on a hollywood feature.

I also knew that I had wanted to work with both Colin and Emily on a Brooklyn based romance, and thought of combining that idea with a surveillance thriller. I wrote the script, they agreed on make it with me and TSAN was born.

The mixed styles and stories exploit Gregory Herman’s cinematographic skills with the smooth and pacy transitions: Quick cuts and close ups give the films its tense espionage edge as the longer smoother shots tell the love story.