A short film about loosing everything you love and starting over.

We’ve always said it, a good story could be a story you heard a thousand times, just in a way you haven’t heard it before. ‘The Moped Diaries’ is a simple film about losing everything you love and starting over, but Tyler and Nick take the tale and add a personal diary comical touch to it. The result is a fun, sad and quirky film that will make you feel for the main character.

Our goal with The Moped Diaries was to tell a big story in a short amount of time and to create a world to tell the universal story of loosing love and starting over. For shooting we chose the Outer Banks of North Carolina where Tyler Nilson, one of the writers and directors of the film grew up.

On a technical level the film used very little budget and used its surroundings smartly to its advantage.

Outside of a couple of plane tickets we didn’t spend anything on production so having friends and family near by to helped out a ton. 95% of the shots were on the Canon 5Dmk2 and we got a few fishing specialty shots with the Sony FS700. Currently we’re writing our first feature and hope to shoot begin shooting this summer.

The film is fun and has a Wes Anderson type of quirkiness to it, with a wonderful color grading that represents North Carolina just about right.