A struggling Hollywood actress has a sideline, working through the night to support her dream.

‘White’ is simply pure! The type of film that will lure you in with its unidealistic charming characters and the guilty pleasure of being a backseat snooping passenger. The film starts with nothing, but as soon as the first client is done, you are sold and you just want to keep watching!

White is what I have always to remind me of the kindness of strangers in a crazy town. The film itself has a special resonance for me, an innocent doing a dirty job, sometimes we find ourselves far from who we are and its about navigating back, if we can.

There’s quite something about Hollywood, and it’s night streets. The improvisation in ‘White’ brings out the complete array of what you can possibly encounter on a typical night in LA.

I like making shorts fast and improvised, keeping things spontaneous – hence while I decided on the name Instant films – I wanted to make an Instant Film in Hollywood!

The submersion comes from the people, the words and different type of interactions and relationships between each one of them. Kicking it off with the over ambitious fading starlet, which gives us a faint reminisce of Sara Goldfarb in Requiem For A Dream, setting the pace to an extensive drive through characters.

What places us in an even more precocious position is that the main character is a sweet young female pusher (Tamzin Brown), turning the drug affair into an innocent exchange of pleasantries.