Eleven pampered guests participate in what appears to be a ritualistic gastronomic carnage.

French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (Incendies, Enemy, Prisoners) is often seen as one of the most talented filmmakers of his generation, with several awards and academy under his belt, including Best Short Film by Canal+ at Cannes for Next Floor, his scabrous style and unique story telling approach grasps wonders through viewers and critics alike.

In Next Floor, he directed an idea that came from Phoebe Greenberg in 2008, to commemorate the original space that would be transformed into the PHI Centre in Montreal, a multifunctional centre where art can express itself in its various forms.

The PHI Centre is an initiative of Phi and its founder, Phoebe Greenberg. Phi’s mission is to provide the public with excellence in all types of art from every possible horizon. Phi is also at the head of three of the most dynamic entities in the art world: Phi-Music, Phi-Films and Phi-Creation.

Next Floor is the outcome out-of-the-box idea, which with all its combining creative talents turned into a masterpiece strongly acclaimed by festivals around the world. And with its extraordinary cinematography and mysterious storyline, its with no wonder the Phi Centre is finally giving everyone the chance to watch this chef-d’oeuvre on all platforms. Other films, either produced, co-produced or distributed by Phi Films will also be put online for free throughout the year, including Danse Macabre and Hope (Pedro Pires), All Flowers in time (Jonathan Caouette) and Trotteur (Arnaud Brisebois).

Also do not miss Denis Villeneuve’s thriller currently in cinemas, Prisoners, with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.