National Canadian Film Day on Film Shortage

Happy Canada Day!

In honor of Canada’s 150th, we listed some of our favourite short films made by some proud Canadians! Never Happened by Mark Slutsky Watch Film 12 Semaines by Marc-André Girard Watch Film The Wall by Andrew De Zen Watch Film Ceramic Tango by Patricia Chica Watch Film I Thought I[…]

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780 St. Remi | Short Trailer

780 St. Remi

A poetic goodbye to the director’s first official address in Canada, before it is erased from the records to make way for a concrete cathedral for cars, the Turcot interchange.

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On the eve of a storm in rural Newfoundland, feuding fishermen are forced to set their conflicts aside when an emergency arises. From the makers of ‘The World is Burning‘

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Beauty – Official Trailer

A man falls witness to an otherworldly vision that sends his life spiralling out of balance. Read our interview with Colin and how he Created Beauty

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The World Is Burning

After his grandfather is fatally attacked by coyotes, a young Newfoundlander returns to his rural hometown to be with his family. His return becomes a reunion with a traditional lifestyle he had left behind when, late one night, he finds himself deep in the forest hunting the coyotes.

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A terrified woman flees through the woods, trying to evade three monstrous pursuers… but maybe the game is about to change. Inspired by 1950s EC Comics and 1970s Canadian Hinterland public service announcements. Watch their new short Torturous, featured on Film Shortage.

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Crucifix | Films de chez nous


Crucifix, le boxeur tueur de vampires, combat les forces du mal depuis sa tendre enfance. Une rencontre inattendue avec Père Thomas va lui apprendre que son pouvoir est plus grand qu’il pense; selon les prophéties d’Isaïe, une fois par 1 200 ans, un élu est envoyé parmi le peuple. Son[…]

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Les enfants sauvages | Short Film Trailer | Films de chez nous

Les enfants sauvages

(FR) C’est l’été indien. De la bouffe en canne, des cigarettes, un canot et la rivière qui transporte Max et Ariane. Évadés de la ville, ils ne connaissent rien l’un de l’autre, mais partagent un projet. C’est peut-être un bon moment pour s’embarquer dans quelque chose de nouveau. (ENG) Indian[…]

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