A visual and abstract exploration of perseverance and the many walls we all face in our lives.

Andrew presented his first film of the series ‘Of Walls & Mountains’ just days ago on our Daily Short Picks. Just the time to take a few breaths and we are blessed with another poetic wonder. In ‘The Wall’, Andrew creates a consciousness of time and space, with a focus on sports and athletics – a visual and abstract exploration of perseverance, and the many walls we all face in our lives.

When the hour has come will you turn away like the countless others?

The Wall was a very personal exploration on perseverance and will power. The seed of the idea came about when I was reading Akira Kurosawa’s autobiography and he mentions a quote by Bodhidharma “…who glared at the wall that stood in his way until his legs became useless, a path will open up.” Deciding to approach the theme through a visualization of athletes and sports happened when I knew we could explore it in a unique way. Through the use of eerily empty spaces, but with a sonically rich soundscape to communicate – these are ghosts, the ones that gave up, the people that should be here working towards their goals, but couldn’t break through their own walls. Each film in the “Of Walls & Mountains” series of visual shorts deals with separate anxieties I was battling when the films were in conceptual stages. That battle was a mental one, asking myself “Do I continue with this dream I have, or do I stop?”. This film in a way is an answer to my own question.

The film’s visual landscape is an incredible ode and appreciation of surroundings, while the attention to sound details really pushes the boundaries of sensation. These elements bring forward Andrew’s vision in a heart-throbbing fashion, creating an immense sense of inspiration and admiration.