A young junior hockey player, struggles to reconcile his feelings after witnessing his fellow teammates commit an act of violence.

Being Canadian we got really excited when we read the premise of the film being about hockey, but after watching Kevin Funk’s film, we were in for a surprise and got much more than what we bargained for. Diving us into a psychological affair and into the darkness that lies in our systematic sporting and social structures.

The guys at ‘Everything All At Once’ actually made ‘Destroyer’ as a concept film for a feature they’ve been developing over the past year. The narrative in the short differs from that of the feature but both take place in the same world.

We wanted to make sure that the short was a stand alone film but one that could show what the world of the feature would look and feel like. In terms of the specifics of the short, I was very interested in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case involving a couple high school football players. The complicated narrative of that situation was something that was endlessly intriguing to me and wanted to tell a story that covered a similar sort of territory as a means of exploring the subject.

The beauty of the film is its subtlety and indirect attack to the subject, turning the sensation all the more realistic. Destroyer sneaks us around the story with its delicate yet powerful filmmaking. The film might be done even before you realize what happened, but your brain will quickly catch up and realize the extent of it all on its own, without any pinpointing needs. Where the film’s brilliance comes from. We can just hope we get too see this transpired to the full feature.