A modern day cautionary tale that incites viewers to pause and think about the fragility of life.

Ceramic Tango will give you a deep sense of what rock bottom can feel like. The dark tale depicts a young man’s struggle with a deadly virus, in the most particular ways.

As an artist, I’m always interested in exploring thought-provoking themes that deal with the darker side of the human experience. Charles Hall’s screenplay CERAMIC TANGO contains all the ingredients that attract me to the psychological genre. The story evolves into an intriguing tale of confrontation with one-self and rituals of acceptance and/or denial. It examines the mental state of a young man searching for his inner strength and trying to find redemption and resilience within himself. Moreover, I always want to work with strong non-conventional characters who are caught in difficult situations and who go through an emotional transformation throughout the film. I’m hoping that this film will serve as an eye-opener and a discussion trigger to talk about taboo subjects such as virus infection, the sentiment of loss and the will to survive.  For that reason, it was important for me that the film ended on a positive note and a sense of  hope even though it presents a non ideal situation. With this film, I feel that I’m going beyond all my expectations by reinventing my narrative style, and exploring the fantasy world, which is a new genre on my slate. This project definitely has my stamp on it and it also fulfilled my mission for telling stories with a purpose

Patricia Chica introduces the main character and his dark alter ego as the main facets of the film, where we are confined in a tight setting to watch the combat unfold. Well written with some edgy performances will really get you thinking on the fragility of life. A must see is the short documentary about the making of the film and the creative process behind it: