Following a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. As the mission unfolds with extraordinary results, the scientists find themselves dealing with a much bigger agenda.

‘Project Kronos’ is an incredibly ambitious faux documentary by filmmaker Hasraf Dulull. The ambitions come from the depth of the storyline and the scientific explanations. Yes the film is filled with lovely visual effects and user interfaces, but nothing would hold together without the power and amplitude of the ‘project’.

I made the film as a proof of concept for a feature film idea I was developing. The trailer was released a month before the film was released, and it led me to getting signed for representation by Hollywood talent management company I-AM Entertainment.

It’s no doubt the film had an immediate viral success with features on iO9, Mashable, Short of the Week and even Vimeo Staff Picks. With such realistic approach to its scientific discovery, people immediately get hooked to the plot and watch it as if it were a real doc.

Hollywood studios bidded for it before Benderspink and Armory films picked it up for developing it into a feature film as my first feature film debut as writer and director.

‘Project Kronos’ is loaded with endless potentials for an extension into a feature film, and is exactly what Hasraf Dulull is up to now. We just have to wait and see if it’s developed into a further doc, or the intro to a Sci-fi thriller!