Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull

The Beyond // Short Film Trailer

The Beyond

The Beyond is a science fiction documentary film that blends the realism of ‘found footage’ with the fantastical, ‘big idea’ nature of the science fiction films of today. The Beyond tells a fascinating and exhilarating story chronicling the ground-breaking mission which sent astronauts – modified with advanced robotics, through a[…]

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Sync | Featured Short Film


Cyber terrorism has caused government agencies and large corporate companies to start using advanced robotic data couriers known as Syncs. Haz does it again, after indulging us with a documentary-style science fiction film of the highest level with ‘Project Kronos‘, Hasraf Dulull spoils us with another sci-fi masterpiece: ‘Sync’. Entirely[…]

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Sync | Must See Trailer


Every 15 seconds, a computer, network, or mobile device is hacked by cyber-terrorists. To combat this problem, Syntek Industries has manufactured data couriers designed from advanced machine robotics. These couriers are known as SYNCS. Syncs are programmed to securely deliver data packages without interruption. twitter.com/hazvfx hazfilm.com

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Project Kronos | Featured Short Film

Project Kronos

Following a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. As the mission unfolds with extraordinary results, the scientists find themselves dealing with a much bigger agenda. ‘Project Kronos’ is an incredibly ambitious faux documentary by filmmaker Hasraf Dulull. The ambitions come from the depth of the storyline and the scientific explanations.[…]

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