Waiting For The Sun // Daily Short Picks

Waiting For The Sun

WAITING FOR THE SUN follows Jeremy Andrews, a soldier recently home from Iraq and visiting a therapist for the first time. Questions come up about his adjustments to home life as well as his readjustments to civilian life. What Jeremy can’t seem to admit out loud, continuously plays in his[…]

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Void & Method // Short Film Trailer

Void & Method

A dangerous love triangle between a psychotherapist and the split personalities of his patient.

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Angel of Anywhere || Daily Short Picks

Angel of Anywhere

From director James Kicklighter (“Desires of the Heart,” “Digital Edition”), Angel of Anywhere is the story of an empathetic stripper plays therapist to the many damaged clientele and co-workers who frequent the popular Anywhere Bar. Angel of Anywhere stars Briana Evigan (“Step Up Movie 2: The Streets,” “Sorority Row”) as[…]

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Fifty Minutes // Featured Short Film

Fifty Minutes

A successful therapist must negotiate for his life when a vexed patient draws a pistol A film focused on communication and perhaps missed interpretations, Paul Schneider’s Fifty Minutes is a tense drama letting viewers unthread the conclusion on their own. Revolving around a desperate man (DJ Qualls) looking for answers[…]

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Paradis | Short Trailer


A French writer living in London suffers from sex addiction. To cure his illness he becomes a born again Christian, and along his road to recovery bumps into an old flame whom is also in need of healing.

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Elf Help

Jack and Sarah are stuck in a bad cycle: breaking up, getting back together, breaking up again. Sarah has arranged a session with an eccentric relationship counselor who lives in a yurt in the woods and calls herself a “faeripist” – part therapist, part faerie. Jack reluctantly goes along with[…]

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White Awake

A successful man and his therapist unravel the troubles of the present by awakening the memories of his past. whiteawakefilm.com facebook.com/whiteawake twitter.com/whiteawakefilm

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Crazy Like Me || Featured Short Film

Crazy Like Me

After college, a depressed young woman has a quarter life crisis. Between her degrading job at a restaurant and her failed relationships with family and men, she starts seeing a therapist who turns out to be just as conventional as everyone else. I believe that at a certain point in[…]

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