A woman finds herself uncontrollably weaving between three parallel lives, and must find out why this is happening and how to stop it before she loses her mind.

Alexis wakes up floating near-naked in a natural pool in the middle of nowhere. She walks in a fog until she comes across an old friend, then a lover, who jolt her memory. But just as she thinks she’s sure of who and where she is, she jumps into an entirely different life. And then she jumps again… As she tries to make sense of these three very different lives with her enigmatic therapist, she’s hounded by strange sounds and images that begin to fracture her sense of self and reality.

Director’s Vision for ‘Alexis’

“ALEXIS” came to me first as a feature film, at a time when I felt stuck and depressed, and doubted my own abilities. I’d started to consider all the choices I made in life and realized that, being in my thirties, for the first time I had some road behind me, and therefore more things I could have done differently. I really considered this, and the question of identity as it relates to what we choose to be and do. Are we just a compilation of these choices? Or is there something deeper, something underneath it all that matters more and deserves serious exploration? I was later able to rewrite Alexis’ story, editing it down from a world-spanning feature to its most essential elements so I could make this shorter version myself. Though I still plan to make the feature someday, this short stands alone as a grown-up fable of sorts, a journey into the subconscious in search of a soul.