A couple are at a loss when their therapist of over 20 years dies. While Paul is relieved at the opportunity of a blank slate, Scott manages to convince him to break into the old therapist’s house to retrieve their file.

What would you do to get 20 years of your life back? THE FILE from writer/director Indigo Bates takes a hilarious approach to answering just that.

THE FILE, starring Dave Hanson (known for his work on Chelsea Lately, Inside Amy Schumer and Trainwreck) and John Colapinto (award-winning New Yorker journalist and novelist) depicts a couple who find themselves at a loss when their therapist of over 20 years dies. Are they willing to accept this catalyst for a fresh start or are their 20 years of documentation worth saving – even if it means breaking and entering?

The filmmakers wanted to explore what happens when stabilizing aspects of long term relationships disappear. THE FILE deals with themes of disclosure, closure, and the hilarious lines between them. Paul and Scott’s debacle is captured in a heightened reality, almost feeling surreal or absurdist at times, but grounded by cathartic relatability.

This film was created through the joint efforts of Writer/Director Indigo Bates, Executive Producer Erin Judd, Producers Jeffrey Brown and Nile Berry, and cinematographer Brett Phillips.

Director’s Vision for ‘The File’

When I heard the story of a friend’s Godparents losing their therapist of over 30 years and feeling like they had a leg missing in their relationship, I thought there had to be a good short in there. I love the idea that certain things have a stabilising effect on relationships and the nuances that come into play when that thing is no longer present. I wanted to explore themes of letting go, and the insecurities between couples of what is disclosed to friends or therapists.