Best Picks of The Month

Gianna is a queer horror comedy following Gina, a Filipina Gemini doing her best, as she takes the advice of her sliding scale therapist to spend a day with her INNER SABOTEUR. Enter Gianna. Will they make peace, or does Gianna, like, literally want Gina dead?

Director’s Vision for ‘Gianna’

The first time I read Gianna, Rivkah’s depiction of self-sabotage hit just a little too close to home. After surviving an “Oh, no, it me” shudder of recognition, I was fully on-board and ready to support Rivkah in bringing Gina and her very pink, very sparkly inner-demon to life.

Speaking of, all of Gianna’s sparkly pink isn’t just an aesthetic choice. The visual world of this film is vibrant, lush, filtered and that’s just as intentional as the depth of truth below the vibe. Maybe it’s always been human nature to prioritize our external veneer, but that instinct is undeniably at an all time high as social media continues to gift us the power of total curation. Simply put: there’s never been a better time to look hot as hell while absolutely floundering.

One of the things I’ve always gravitated towards in the artists I adore is a willingness to put what’s ugly front and center. Again, we have the choice to edit it all out, so choosing not to? That’s what I want to see. Gianna is a film that’s willing to include roughness, to extend herself in vulnerability, to drop the mask in hopes that you might feel safe enough to drop yours.

Lastly, not only is our cast totally gorgina, but they’re also entirely queer femme, non-binary and trans actors of color. Our main creative team — producers, director, cinematographer, and editor — are all queer and non-binary artists. In front of and behind the camera, this project prioritizes voices + visionaries that haven’t been heard from nearly enough, especially in the horror comedy space. With nearly 300 supporters for the film’s Seed + Spark crowdfunding campaign, there’s clearly a strong desire to see this kind of representation on screen, and I have no doubt that enthusiasm will follow Gianna into its festival run.

Simply put, it’s been my true honor to direct this film and be one of the passionate creative minds trusted with unleashing Rivkah’s sweet, sexy, satanic vision into the world.

So, buckle up and enjoy the freaky ride, babes.