A severely depressed man (Harper) reaches out for an emergency therapy session. He’s not the only one who needs help.

The acclaimed short ‘David’ by Zach Woods starring Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper and Fred Hechinger is now out fully online. Woods is best known for his roles as Gabe on The Office and Jared on Silicon Valley, but has recently ventured into writing and directing, taking the short film route. Along with ‘David’, Woods also recently directed ‘Bud‘ starring Michael Peña.

I wanted to make a movie about people who are funny and sad and trying their best — which, in my limited experience, is most people

The film is an eye-opener about the people around you whom also might need some help, even if you are a therapist. The film may cast three stellar comedians, but there are no laughs (except for Ferrell’s genuine body language) in this emotion-filled story.

William Jackson Harper in David

Fred Hechinger in David