Are You Wild Like Me // Daily Short Picks

Are You Wild Like Me?

A string of missing person cases plague a small New England town. Could they be related to the infant girl who disappeared in the woods nine years prior? Director’s Statement About 3 years ago, I was listening to the song Bros by the North London band Wolf Alice in my[…]

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Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

In the wake of his brother’s death, a quiet high schooler navigates his small Texas town, all while knowing he is responsible for the accident. The film stars Tommy O’Brien, Bo Mitchell (Academy Award nominated DeKalb Elementary), Liana Liberato (Hulu’s Light As A Feather, To The Bone) and Abby Wathen.[…]

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Shy of Midnight // Daily Short Picks

Shy Of Midnight

The neon lights are humming as sentiments of love lost and dashed hopes flow from the juke box at a diner in small-town, anywhere America. As closing time approaches, a mysterious man remains in one of the diner booths. This peaks the interest of a spunky waitress named Shelly, whose[…]

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Ella // Daily Short Picks


Left behind by the same loved one, two Asian American youth search for connection in their small Midwestern town. Director’s Statement The story was based on my experience trying to fit in when I was young, and I threw a friend of mine under the bus during some lunch table[…]

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Green River // Daily Short Picks

Green River – Part Two

1984. Small town USA. Over 40 women are dead. Troubled by the death of her close friend, Rebecca’s grief quickly manifests into a morbid series of encounters and uninvited guests. Green River – Part Two is a surreal, fictional adaptation of the events surrounding Gary Ridgway – The Green River[…]

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Entropic // Daily Short Pick


Universes collide when a scientist seeking to uncover the meaning of life accidentally disrupts the robbery of a small town grocery store from another world.

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Bones || Daily Short Picks


A 1990’s small, southern, seedy town, where man is king and woman an after-thought. Kate falls victim to the underbelly of her world after the only person keeping it at bay, her boyfriend Jude, mysteriously vanishes. With both time and justice set against her, it’s a battle for answers —[…]

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Temptations || Short Film Trailer


A story of two gorgeous women.Victoria, a stunning supermodel trapped in a loveless millionaire marriage, (played by TATYANA FOREST) to David Broder (played by DAVID PEREZ) and Nicole, a small town Alberta girl struggling to achieve her dreams and searching for LOVE in a tangled web of deceit and murder[…]

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The Virus || Daily Short Picks

The Virus

A young couple caught in the outbreak of a mysterious, electronically-transmitted bio-virus scrambles to protect themselves while their small town struggles to identify and neutralize the source. While the threat of exposure could be as ever-present as the technology the couple is attached to, the greatest risk to their relationship[…]

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Away From Here || Daily Short Picks

Away From Here

Awoken in the middle of the night, an angst ridden teenager Calvin must decide whether to leave his small town with his best friend or stay to support his family. Taking place over one night, this coming of age film explores Calvin’s search for freedom, testing his commitment to family,[…]

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