A supernatural woman awakes left for dead in the desert and makes her way back to a small town for revenge.

Director’s Vision

The script for One Bad Night came to me all at once and I quickly wrote it down. A year or so later I got the time to shoot it. What was clear in hindsight was that this script touched on many genres I love, such as crime, thriller, westerns, and horror (with its supernatural elements). An especially big influence was westerns, specifically of the spaghetti and Australian outback variety. Paris Texas was another influence. For my lead actress Sandra and I, our main point for the lead character was to show her focus, determination, and all-consuming intention to complete her goal despite a series of enormous challenges. From a filmmaking perspective, I was especially focused on letting the cinematography and acting do the work, which is why there are a lot of one-shots and very little dialogue. Yet it was ultimately very important that the short pack in action, suspense, and mystery as well. All in, I thought my actors were great and my crew was fantastic as well and I’m very proud of all their hard work.