In the wake of his brother’s death, a quiet high schooler navigates his small Texas town, all while knowing he is responsible for the accident.

The film stars Tommy O’Brien, Bo Mitchell (Academy Award nominated DeKalb Elementary), Liana Liberato (Hulu’s Light As A Feather, To The Bone) and Abby Wathen. It was produced on-location in North Texas in the summer of 2017.

Director’s Statement

Sometimes it takes moving across the country to realize that you wanted to tell stories about home all along. And that’s what I did. For the first time, I returned home to tell a story. That’s where ‘Nobody Knows’ takes place — back home in Texas, somewhere along the highways where I grew up.

‘Nobody Knows’ is a familiar story. A couple teenagers do something stupid. Something they don’t understand the gravity of. And through only some fault of their own, they are ill-equipped to deal with the consequences. For Ross Bottoms, how will he grieve the loss of his brother, while knowing he is responsible for the pain?

Throughout the process of making this film, the story became a reflection on home itself, the difficulties of adolescence, and the personal cost one is willing to pay to finally be known. Most of all, it’s about a moment in time in Texas.