In the middle of a small town on a hot July day, three young kids clean up the morning after a party hosted by their distant parents. They collect a spattering of cans and bottles in an old wagon nicknamed “The Rocket”, and set off to cash in their empties for ice cream. Nora, the oldest at 12, tries to guide her siblings on the smartest path to victory when they discover their regular route is compromised.

Director’s Vision for ‘Rocket Fuel’

Growing up, my brothers and sisters were a crucial part of my filmmaking. We’d spend summers creating westerns in the alleyway beside our house, or horror movies in our treehouse. They were not only my best friends, but my greatest collaborators. The essence of filmmaking for me has always been linked to those summers, and with Rocket Fuel, I was finally able to tell a story that pulls back the layers of complicated sibling dynamics. Our film tells the story of three kids on one hot summer day who are entering different stages of their lives. It’s clear that their life isn’t easy – but as difficult as things may seem, they know they’ll make it through if they stick together. Even after all these years, I can thank my siblings for inspiring this film into existence.