Non-judgmental vignette following a day in the life of one young man living inside a poor, small town filled with broken dreams and addiction.

Shot on 16mm.

Director’s Vision

There’s a specific group of people that get completely left out of cinema. Small town Americans living in lower-class conditions. On the occasions where they are included, they are usually only there for comedy or as a backdrop. Huff looks to capture that feeling you get when you drive through a small town and think “How could anyone live here?” or that moment when you visit someone’s home and realize that not everyone lives with the same luxuries. Touching on the risks facing underprivileged groups. We hope to accomplish all this from a point of view of understanding and tenderness.

16mm is such a beautiful format that compliments the style and aesthetic of Huff. Shooting on film also brings a mindset to filmmaking that only enhances the overproduction. It’s very important that we carry on the art of motion picture film, all my projects are shot on film and always will be its an deep process and we must sustain a dying art form.