Carino // Short Film Trailer


After years of leaving her hometown to pursue her passion for music, Nicole, a mid-twenties now successful pianists goes back in an attempt to reconnect with the town she left behind… And the people in it. In that, she’ll meet again with her grandfather Frank, a once strong, powerful man[…]

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Somewhere South // Daily Short Picks

Somewhere South

We follow the journey of Harry Robinson and Alen Van Rooyen as they create a balance between manmade shapes and organic materials on the South Devonshire coastline. Their philosophy is that ‘every board can carve its own path when crafted with passion and soul.’

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Hide Your Fires // Daily Short Picks

Hide Your Fires

A young tech designer, looking for a way to pursue his true passion in film, crosses paths with a charismatic content producer and is lured into a Virtual Reality collective that is much darker and more salacious than he anticipates. Director’s Statement How do we stay present amidst the constant[…]

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Leeper // Daily Short Picks


Blake Leeper is the 8th fastest man in the world. He was also born a double leg amputee. As he trains for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, his incredible spirit and passion shows every dream is achievable. Director’s Statement Sometimes the most inspiring projects, are the ones that happen[…]

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Here, Now // Daily Short Picks

Here, Now

When you lose yourself in the things you love, you’ll find yourself there too. HERE, NOW is a short documentary about living in the moment. Its narrative is a collection of artists and athletes’ thoughts about finding authenticity by honouring passion and embracing imperfections.

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Rise of Smith // Crowdfunding Campaign We Dig

Rise of Smith – The Matrix Prequel – Fan Film

Rise of Smith is a Matrix prequel story that has been years in the making!! A passion project created by Matrix Fans for Matrix fans! We are over 50% complete but need your help to do this film justice! So we set up a indigogo campaign to help us raise[…]

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Dear Leina // Crowdfunding Picks

Dear Leina

Dear Leina , is a short film musical about re-discovering your passion after it’s been lost for a long time. After an argument with her older sister, a 12-year-old girl decides to write a letter to her future self, describing what she wishes her life to be like when she[…]

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The Minimalist // Daily Short Picks

The Minimalist

Thomas, a self-proclaimed recluse, is a photographer in New York City who sees the world through the lens of his camera. He approaches his photography—as well as his life—in a minimalist style, focusing on the purity and simplicity of things. His world is turned upside down when he encounters Sylvia,[…]

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The Rage // Daily Short Picks

The Rage

The Rage is a psychological thriller that explores the relationship between sex, anger and violence. Take an atmospheric trip into the life of Oscar as he deals with his rage and the decision it drives him to make. Starring Oakland California actors, L. Jeffrey Moore, Sophia LaPaglia and Gretta Sosine,[…]

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Sarah // Daily Short Picks


A young girl facing the end of adolescence finds herself at her wits end – her ability to live freely and be happy becomes increasingly impossible under the strenuous, repetitive nature of her mundane country lifestyle. Sarah’s everyday life has become nothing but a distraction from her vivid imagination and[…]

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