A grief-stricken widow calls on all the powers that be, just to see her late husband one last time.

The first reason to get excited about ‘Snowbirds’ is that it comes from director Justin Robinson. With films like ‘Grape Soda‘ and ‘Guest of Honor‘ under his belt, you know your in for a full round production and a character deep dive. And oh dear does Agnes Poe (played by Pepi Streiff) not deceive. A strong and firm grief-stricken widow takes no bullshit consolation, just wants to see her late husband one more time.

This film came about from my first hand experience with losing my brother Jordan to cancer in 2008. He was my closest friend and my hero. A lot of people were hasty to tell me to “Move on” or to “Get over it.” or to “Live my life”. Which indirectly told me to not be in the present (which may be very well remembering the past). The reason I hurt so much over his death was and is because we loved each other so deeply.

No one wants to be in pain, but the hole that he’s left in me is worthy and beautiful pain. It’s something I’m grateful for. It’s my fuel for my empathy, love, passion and for my filmmaking. So, I wanted to make a film about a character with a meteor size hole of grief and loss left by a near perfect human relationship. But all the while, showing that pain as a portrait of the beauty that was — together.

The film is easily and beautifully paced, slowly inching to Agnes’ longing pains through a sad, but comically toned structure. With a well supported cast including Josh Connolly (Film Riot), who delightfully lighten ‘Snowbirds’ sorrowful premise with wittiness and orange sweater vests. The rest just subtly falls into places with a marvellous soundtrack to easy you through the film. One that will definitely be leaving you off with a sense of liberation, and a giant smile.