The narrative features a relationship between two young women who at some point come to realize their passion towards each other morphed into something bigger. Their romance transforms into a deep, dauntingly inexorable bond they cannot break.

The story is based on Chinese legend about the invisible Red Thread that connects a person with their true love no matter what.

Can you tell us what inspired you to bring this story to life?

I’m inspired by the reality that is around me. I have friends that are madly in love with each other, but are too scared to let this feeling possess them and take their freedom. For the past few years they’ve been seeing other people and looking for someone, but still they have kept on loving each other. This whole situation blows my mind. I decided that at least in my film they are bound to stay together.

Tell us a little more on the metaphorical intentions of the film

I noticed that in all metaphorical films, a spectator becomes “complicit” in the story development and often imagines things that were not meant by the author of the film. Personally for me, the place where the two women stand naked is a meta-reality that displays the true meaning of their relationship. It’s a place of the ultimate honesty and abeyance of one’s true feelings. But everyone can interpret this part anyway they like.

The film is only two minutes long (pre-credits), was that the creative intention all along?

I think I am a typical representative of my generation. I’m always short of time, and my attention span is also short; I devour tons of content online and, like everyone, I fell prey to the pandemic. I wanted to show this film to the broad audience and could not hope that anyone in 2021 will attend short film festivals. That’s why I decided to cram my story into a 2-minute timeframe and promote it on the internet.