As a struggling athlete reflects on what drives her aspirations, Useless Passion highlights the shadows that lurk behind the dream’s bright veneer. Director Bram VanderMark blends the meditative rhythm of a training ride with memories of moments lost, asking the audience to consider if the prize is worth the pain.

Director’s Vision for ‘Useless Passion’

The question of the utility of passion hangs around just outside an even larger question – is life meaningful? Are we willing to sacrifice for or surrender to the desires that fill our lives, and does that choice create deeper meaning? I find it fascinating to see the ways that each of us approach and resolve these questions in our own lives. It was a joy to bring together two of my own passions, filmmaking and cycling, in a project that I am very grateful to have made with the support of Trust. It’s a rare joy to have the freedom and the means to explore an idea and bring it to life without the demands of a brand or a client to steer the ship. Thank you, Trust, for providing the path!