“The Insecurities of Dill” is short film about hopes, doubts, and crumpets.

Dill is being used, and he knows it.

After a morning of “passion” dill’s suspicions that the woman he was made for is seeing someone else begin to bear fruit.

He battles his insecurities in the only way he knows how; by pondering politely.
Who said being the object of someone’s desire would be easy?

Director’s Statement

I have to start by saying just how incredibly honoured to have our online premiere on Film Shortage. It’s a great reminder that sometimes you need to trust in your project and put forward your passion for it. A lot of the time, this enthusiasm and self-belief will allow collaborators to share that trust in you.

Going into this project, I knew that I wanted to knuckle down and get it made before I considered whether it was a good idea or not. I wasn’t going to let a thing like common sense get in my way! With that in mind, I decided to turn to a team of actors and crew that I knew were amazing to work with.

I had a lot of worries about letting myself run with the idea in the first place in honesty. I guess my ultimate advice to pre-Dill Rob would be to take big leaps of faith with your ideas and to make things that you love, if others love it too then that’s a bonus!

I think that’s the secret magic of filmmaking right? Taking something from brain nugget to something that (for better or worse) creates an emotion in people. All of my favourite films allowed me to make sense of stuff whizzing through my brain, or process it by taking me somewhere else for 90 minutes. It’s the laughs, tears, and scares along the way that make it all worthwhile, so getting to see an audience connect with something I’ve made is a massive honour. I’m over the moon to see The Insecurities of Dill being put out into the world.

In fact, I’m buzzing.