Crowdfunding Pick // Dovetail


Harry, a repressed yet intelligent man, is bed bound in hospital, where he avoids any unnecessary interaction with those around him. Before developing pneumonia, he was a well-respected doctor, but his self-destructive behaviour has led to his severe illness. A new patient called Jack is then admitted to the same[…]

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Terminally Happy // Featured Short Film

Terminally Happy

Through pharmaceutical experimentation, Dr. Louis W has developed an opiate that can put an end to the rising suicide rates plaguing a desolate yet fast-approaching future. TERMINALLY HAPPY begins in the middle of Louis’s final experimentation – on himself. Starring ALASTAIR MACKENZIE (Black Mirror), EMMA CAMPBELL-JONES (Doctor Who) and WILLIAM[…]

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Moose Limbs // Daily Short Picks


MOOSE LIMBS ARE COMING TO YOUR TOWN! In a rural English village plagued by rats, an other-worldly new doctor arrives for his first day at work.

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Factory 91 | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

Factory 91

Above the quiet Bellery suburb lives a mysterious Doctor in an old, deteriorating factory. Mary is curious. Factory 91 takes place in a mythical suburb called Bellery. Twelve year-old Mary lives with her older sister, Katherine, and her catatonic Grandfather. And above them, atop a tall hill on the outskirts[…]

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1500 Words || Featured Short Film

1500 Words

When Stanley Franks visits his doctor, he’s told he only has 1500 Words left to live. How do you tell your wife you have 1500 words left to live? This is the crazy idea that came from James Menzies university work, which friend Andrew Chaplin decided to turn the short[…]

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Dr. Schiwago Ist Tot

Cristian, Olaf, Ulrich, Lothar and Dr. Schiwago, the goldfish. These companions living aboard a submarine for 26 years, old men by now. They made themselfes comfortable: the interior of the submarine looks like a students-flat from the 1970s: There is a small garden, a hammock, colorful carpets, movie-nights and rock[…]

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Magical Mystery Cure

Executive Producer Duane A. Sikes presents Magical Mystery Cure, a short film directed by Ryan P. Dean (June, Last Shift, Annabelle Hooper & the Ghosts of Nantucket and Undertaking) and written by Sharon Y. Cobb (June, False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriter), starring Towns W. Sanford (June, The Devil[…]

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Sea Change | Featured Short Film

Sea Change

A young woman journeys with her younger sister- who suffers from a rare terminal disease to find an alternative medicine doctor. Nickolas Duarte created a film that grasps your attention by raising lots of questions, but not your typical plot line twist confusions that you might have, rather leaves voids[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Mr. Stitch

Mr. Stitch

Set in contemporary London, and introduces a mysterious doctor for the criminal underworld known only as “Mr. Stitch”.

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Actor Seeks Role | Featured Short Film

Actor Seeks Role

A struggling method actor (Alex Karpovsky) in New York City resorts to medical acting, a part-time gig performing the symptoms of various illnesses for student doctors. “Actor Seeks Role” tells the story of the difficulties of pursuing a career in the arts, and to what lengths one person is willing[…]

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