Through pharmaceutical experimentation, Dr. Louis W has developed an opiate that can put an end to the rising suicide rates plaguing a desolate yet fast-approaching future.

TERMINALLY HAPPY begins in the middle of Louis’s final experimentation – on himself. Starring ALASTAIR MACKENZIE (Black Mirror), EMMA CAMPBELL-JONES (Doctor Who) and WILLIAM STAGG (Macbeth). Shot on the Red Epic, Zeiss zp2 primes + an Arri Alura 45-250 zoom, and occasionally used a Steadicam.

The project was selected by Film London as part of their borough shorts scheme called “London Calling”. The British Council backed the participation in Euroconnection, Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival’s short film market, where they pitched for co-finance and eventually found a partnership in DUOfilm of Bergen, Norway.