Luigi is the owner of what appears to be a fish shop. Two TV producers discover the strange little shop, and intrigued by his activity, they invite the quirky man to their freak TV show but Luigi will manage to turn everyone into silent fish.

Disrector’s Satement

The Fish Doctor is the first shortfilm of a trilogy called “The trilogy of Silence”.
I thought about how we always try to surround ourselves with sounds, images, words so we don’t have face the solitude of silence. My films always start from doodles and sketches. I started doodling a bizarre character surrounded by silent fish. He lives isolated in his own bubble where he spends his time thinking, observing and listening.

Fish are thinkers,
Fish are philosophers,
Fish have no ears because they don’t need to talk, they listen
Fish never close their eyes even when they die because they observe.
Fish don’t age…or at least we don’t see it.
Fish live in a parallel world made of apparent suspension from pain.

This is the lesson the character Luigino learns from them. Even when he’s suddenly thrown into
a frenetic world of noise, he’s able to recreate the silence around him.