After a lifetime of war, an old samurai is challenged to an epic showdown with a young ambitious samurai

Battle is imminent, but the past could prove to be the old samurai’s undoing.

Oh, how we love slow motion! There is just something about being able to capture moments in time that the naked eye can just simply not see. The Old Samurai is a short film that was inspired from one simple question: “What if you could capture the split second between first draw and final blow?”

Armed with a 1000fps camera and a rain machine, plus insight from Kendo martial artists, Benjamin Wong and his team created a striking visual experience from a simple question that blossomed into a story about reconciliation, loss, and love, in a film that plays homage to Samurai films both classic and recent.

The short film also features the prominent debut soundtrack by Christopher Guanlao, member of the alternative-rock band Silversun Pickups.

The unbelievably stunning images tell a story in themselves, with no words needed, just power, emotions and slow motion.

The Old Samurai invites you to actively watch and interpret the film through your own eyes.