A naive Confederate soldier begins to doubt the justification for killing in war, but when he doesn’t pull the trigger, will lives still be lost?

In The Grey is a short that takes place in the civil war, tells the story of a young soldier, Adler, who has yet to pull a trigger towards another human being, and doubts will be able to when the time comes. While posted at the perimeter of their base camp with an older soldier, Walt, they are discovered by enemy soldiers. Adler’s hesitation causes an instant reaction from Walt, that turns into a backfire.

The short started off as a class film from the producer Dillan Forsey, however as the project progressed, it also became the senior thesis project for both the director Justin Peter and cinematographer Andrew Aldridge. What was supposed to be a semester project ended up taking a year to create, but were all very happy with the outcome.

Our biggest goal was to make a film that used solid principles of filmmaking to inspire introspective thought and discussion. We hope that people watch the film and come away with questions, and we hope that those questions inspire people in some way.

The film is accompanied by Andrew Aldridge’s wonderful cinematography including some pretty neat slow motion shots paired with poignant dramatic soundtrack. The actors both play a significant part in the depth of the film, but things such as costume and sound design give the viewers a full cinematic experience.

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